“Mini Grids Masterclass” | The World Bank
Led workshops and seminars on mini grids for World Bank managers and Task Team Leaders.

“Operations Management” | London School of Economics
Taught case-based and quantitative exercise-based seminars for this Master’s level core module.

“Advanced Strategy Analysis” | Cass Business School
Served as the Teaching Assistant for this Master’s level course of 150 students. Designed and co-taught a session on social enterprise in the BOP. Marked weekly group assignments and the exam.

“New Product Development” | Cass Business School
Designed and taught one of the ten sessions of this Bachelor’s level course, consisting of around 50 students. Topic was New Product Development for the Base of the Pyramid.

“Frontiers of Strategy – Business Model Design and Execution” | MBA, Cass Business School
Co-designed and co-taught one of the eight sessions of this intensive MBA course, consisting of 35 students. Gave feedback to all students’ assignments for the session (detailed write-ups of a startup company’s business model).

Master’s in International Cooperation & Development | University of Toulouse
Designed and taught one session for 20+ Master’s students on Base of the Pyramid markets, electricity access, and the World Bank Group. 

“Islands and Sustainability” | Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Co-designed and co-taught a semester-long course in which 12 Masters students conducted primary and secondary research to create a sustainable development plan for Lopez Island, WA. Served as lead author of the 130-page plan, which was subsequently published by Smart Growth America’s “Sustainable Communities Network.” 

“Climate Change Mitigation: The Path to 2050” | Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Co-designed coursework and classroom activities. Led weekly classroom discussions and in-class projects in the professor’s absence.

“Quantitative Methods for Environmental Science & Policy” | Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Held one-on-one tutoring sessions, taught review sessions for 20+ Masters students, and graded weekly assignments as well as the mid-term and final exams.

“Advanced Energy Research Seminar” | Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Coordinated a semester-long research project with 10 other Master’s students on the impact of natural gas fracking on emissions and economic costs to the US and Chinese economies. Led weekly 2-hour classroom discussion and research sessions in the professor’s absence.