My research investigates sustainable development through the lenses of both social enterprise and supply chain management. Specifically, I study how, why, and under what conditions materials, information, and money flow between social enterprises, companies, and donors in the supply chains for products and services that help low-income households meet basic needs (e.g., light, sanitation, healthcare, etc.).

Academic Publications
Yu, J., Tang, C. S., Sodhi, and Knuckles, J. (2020). “Optimal subsidies for development supply chains.” Manufacturing and Service Operations Management.

Knuckles, J. (2019). “Decentralized Clean Energy Solutions to Achieve SDG7.” One Earth, 1, p 389.

Knuckles, J. (2016). “Business Models for Mini-Grid Electricity in Base of the Pyramid Markets.” Energy for Sustainable Development, 31, pp 67-82.

PhD Dissertation
I successfully defended my dissertation, “Development Supply Chains for Solar Lanterns and Solar Home Systems Sold in Low-Income Countries,” in March 2019, under the supervision of Professor Mohan Sodhi and examined by Professor Mellie Pullman and Dr Byung-Gak Son. The Institute of Supply Management awarded my dissertation proposal with a $5,000 Doctoral Dissertation Grant.

Working Papers
Current working papers include:

1.  Knuckles, J. & Sodhi, M. “A Multiple Case Study of Development Supply Chains for Household Solar Products Sold in Haiti” (Winner of the Best Student Paper award at the 2017 Academy of Management Annual Meeting)

2. Knuckles, J. & Sodhi, M. “How ‘Practical Wisdom’ Shapes Operations Tactics in Social Enterprises: A Field Study of Solar Product Companies.”

3.  Knuckles, J. & Sodhi, M. “Conceptualizing Development Supply Chains.”

4.  Curran, K., Knuckles, J., Ozcan, P., and Salway, M. “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Initiating the Process of Hybridization in UK Charities.”